The Human Energy System

The aura is an energy field of changing patterns that completely surrounds all living things. Auras and chakras interplay with each other. It’s through the chakras the physical body communicates with its aura and vice-versa. You are not just a physical body with an aura surrounding you, rather, your aura and physical body is one unit that integrates and makes up the whole you.

The aura is composed of many layers, like an onion, with an inner layer closest to the body extending several feet from the body. The aura has different energy vibrations or frequencies and make up the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, and spiritual aspects of the multidimensional human form. Each layer represents a different part of a person’s consciousness. The inner layer is connected to the physical body followed by higher layers relating to the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers.

All of your thoughts and feelings, both conscious and unconscious, as well as the energies flowing through the physical body create your aura.

Your state of health is affected by the condition and health of your aura. Many feel that the original cause of both illness and health originates from the aura by penetrating its protective shell. Treating the aura first with Reiki is an important part of a healing session.

It is easy to become aware of your own aura by doing various simple exercises. Using the Reiki hand position is one way to feel your aura. By energizing it with Reiki, your aura will become more powerful, making it easier to feel. Sensitives and clairvoyants can feel and or see the auric field of others.


Physical Body~ the dense, tangible form of us made up of cells

Etheric Body~ pulsating and bio-plasmic matrix of ourselves, in which physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored, bluish white light.

Emotional Body~ associated with our feelings, fluid in manner, appearing as coloured clouds of continual motion. Interpenetrates the body it surrounds.

Mental Body~ associated with intellect and mental processes, appearing bright yellow. It contains the structure of our ideas & bright blobs of thought forms.

Astral Body~ associated with the formation of relationships, where cords and connections can be seen and felt. From the heart centre chakra, various degrees of rose light will be present,

Celestial Body~ where we experience spiritual ecstasy, our connection with all of nature, where we see light and love in all that exists, and where unconditional love flows. When we have these feelings, we have raised our consciousness to a very high level in our auric field and sit in shimmering Opalescent light.

Causal Body~ the most outer form, egg shaped, containing all the other bodies of being, a resilient and strong shell protecting the entire field. It is the main power current that nourishes the whole body and appears as a network of golden lines.