The Chakra System

The Chakra System

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It’s these spinning wheels or vortexes that interpenetrate the physical body. Each energy centre controls and regulates specific functions, organs, emotions, and experiences in our bodies. The outer ends of each vortex forms a specific layer of the auric field. The circular whirling motion forms a cavity or vacuum in the centre that draws in other like energy or anything on its particular vibrational level. It is then processed and returned to the auric field, thus, the law of attraction. The energy then expands outward into the universe and can be felt by intuitives to aid in the directing of healing energy.

The seven main energy centers in the body run from the crown down the spine to the tailbone. Secondary chakras are located in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and major joints in the arms and legs. In actuality, the body contains hundreds of mini chakras along the meridian lines. Where there are bundles of connected nerve endings there is an Amini chakra point. This system directly correlates with the endocrine system in traditional Western medicine. There is some discussion as to the actual location of the central chakra system as to whether it runs along the front or back of the spine of the individual.

Chakras are the transformers of the body’s subtle energy system. They take in the universal life energy that is around us and transform it into various frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy. The lowest or root chakra brings in the lower frequencies that are needed for physical survival, and the highest or crown chakra brings in the spiritual levels of energy.

Each chakra corresponds with a layer of the aura. Negative feelings, thoughts, and daily stresses can become lodged in one or several chakras reducing the amount of subtle energy they are able to provide and can adversely affects one’s health. Thoughts and chakras are directly connected to our state of health and wellness, we are what we think.

The flow of energy in and out of the chakra is influenced by how we move through emotions. When we block feelings or the flow of our emotions, we cause that particular chakra in charge of that emotion to distort or go out of balance. In other words, if we close ourselves off to a certain feeling or experience, we block the energy coming into that chakra.

A blocked chakra becomes distorted and disfigured according to the degree in which a feeling is suppressed. The chakra that is related to that emotion may spin haphazardly or irregularly, causing imbalance in the entire energy field. Energy in that area will eventually become stagnant and clogged if it is not cleared and balanced.

Ki, Chi, or Qi energy feeds the chakras. If the chakra is not working efficiently, the ability to absorb universal life force energy is reduced and the chakra begins to deplete or weaken parts of the body’s energy system. Sometimes the chakra is so spent and upset that energy is literally spilling out of the human field, emptying the vitality from a person, causing weakness or emotional imbalance. Organs that are affected by the collapsed chakra cannot function properly causing stress on other associated chakras and organs. All these factors lead up to either disease or other chakras doing double-time. If left unattended and ignored the cycle declines into an unhealthy energy imbalance.

Treating the chakras with Reiki is an important part of balancing these energy centers. It is also here that clairsentients, sensitives and clairvoyants can sometimes feel vibration or see colours of the client’s energy. Those who are clairsentients often sense or feel within their own body the client’s physical or emotional state of health or well-being.