Reiki Psychic Surgery is an innovative procedure that removes blocks to life force energy which takes on a particular shape or object and lodge in or around the organs of the body, chakras and aura.

These negative energy blocks can cause health problems as well as negative emotional behaviors and difficulties such as: heart and organ diseases, cancer, digestive disorders, respiratory disease, asthma, a roller coaster of inner emotional turmoil, sabotaging behaviors, addictions, relationship issues and more.

Reiki Psychic Surgery is a powerful healing technique that works at the cellular memory level and gets to the root cause of the issue to restore the energy field back to health. As we all know all physical ailments are manifested by emotional issues. Until these issues are brought into our awareness we cannot heal them. By asking specific questions, the client gives the issue an identity and brings the cause into their awareness. Once the cause is known the healing can begin. It’s a brilliant technique to bring the clients issue into awareness so it can be released and healed.

According to the Indigenous Elders, July 17 and 18, of 2010 marked the point in time when all of us need to step up and embody our visions consciously, as the Ninth Wave opens the door to unity and oneness. The time is now. It has been said that “We are the ones we have been waiting for”. The time has come for us to awaken.

Reiki Psychic Surgery is a powerful technique to remove negative belief systems and blocks that keep us asleep.