If it is your first visit to Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God recommends that visitors make use of a Casa Guide to help them, as there are many refinements involved in participating in the healing process. It usually takes some time before you become familiar with the intricate protocols at the Casa.  Paul has spent time at the Casa and has received permission from John of God to accompany groups to the Casa. Paul is privileged to be a Casa Guide and lead groups on this sacred and beautiful healing journey.

If you are interested in joining Paul on a trip to Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, or just want more information about future trips, please email him at vash.chiba@gmail.com or call him on 082 618 4792/072 101 6099. Paul will arrange a date for you and also assist you with the preparations for your journey.

 If you cannot come to Brazil, Paul can take your photos and present it to John of God for distant healing.

Paul’s services as a Casa Guide includes the following:

In Krugersdorp

  • A screening of John of God miracles documentary.
  • 2 Crystal Bed Treatments at Vash Narain Reiki, 3 Agra Street, Azaadville, Krugersdorp, Gauteng.
  • Support you with flight bookings.
  • Discussions to prepare you for your journey.

In Brazil

  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Accommodation deluxe room – with 3 meals a day.
  • Blessed water for your room (two large bottles).
  • Guidance to assist when meeting John of God.
  • Guidance with Casa protocols and procedures.
  • Assistance with your healing process.
  • Taxis as needed to the hotel or villa (such as after surgery)
  • Trips to the sacred waterfall with Taxi.
  • A crystal bed session at the Casa.
  • Donation to the Casa
  • Day tour of Brasilia .

Paul adheres to the Standards of Independent Guides Recognized by the Casa

The Trip does not Include the Following

  • Flights.
  • Additional Crystal Bed Sessions.
  • Herbs if prescribed by John of God.
  • Spending Money (Casa gift shop and in town. Casa takes credit cards and US dollars).

Schedule for Paul’s John of God Tours

Although we have a schedule, we try to provide lots of flexibility for individual needs and for your healing. Clients are encouraged to be involved with the group activities and circle discussions but we understand there are times that you just want time alone and that is fine too. As a group, we may decide to eat “out” at a different restaurant or decide when we feel like taking a trip to the waterfall. So this schedule is flexible and meant as a guideline. Some people may receive surgery or may be requested to do other activities that are individual. As a guide I like to encourage and support people but do not like to have a restrictive schedule.  It is important that you choose a guide that you feel you will be most comfortable with and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs beforehand so that you can decide if our group is a good fit for you.

Seeing John of God

John of God has sessions on  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8am until approximately 12 pm and then again from 2pm until approximately 5pm. The start time is set. The end times are approximate as it depends upon the Entities. You will be able to go to all Casa sessions unless you have received a surgery or instructed otherwise by John of God. On the first morning everyone will follow the queue and go in front of John of God. Thereafter, some of you will be sitting in meditation. After going in front of John of God you will be given certain instructions individually for you. This may be to receive an invisible surgery and then return to your room. It could be to sitting in meditation, take a crystal bed healing session or return for the next session. Therefore everyone’s healing is individual. I can help guide you in whatever instructions you have been given, in choosing what you might like to do next or what to ask John of God.

Non Session Days

On the non session days we will spend much time enjoying Abadiania, visit the waterfall, attend Casa activities or just relaxing. There will also be lots of time visiting the shops in Abadiania, spending time alone at the casa, doing crystal bed sessions and other activities. I try to include a few trips to different places in town to eat for a change.  I also like to include some, meditations and group activities. Most evenings we will meet and have group discussions to  discuss the process and our individual healing. Clients are encouraged to share with the group but I will also be available for personal discussions as well. I can give my insights but I am not allowed to do any kind of energy healing myself. I will try to support my clients in what they are experiencing with John of God and the spirits at the Casa.

What to Pack

You are required to wear white during the days that the Casa is in session. However, if you received a “surgery” you will need to wear white when you go back to the hotel and will need to sleep using white clothes. You can wear any colours around town. I suggest that you bring enough white clothes for the whole trip and just colour clothes for the flights and visiting the town. You do not need any fancy clothes, as there is no where dressed up to go.

Here are some photos taken from our trip to the Casa