We can help you remove negative energies from your home and business.

Spiritual Cleansing is awesome for when you’re moving into a new house, if you’re selling a house, if you are running a business or if you’ve recently had a traumatic incident or conflict in your home or business. House/Business Cleansing can be complicated. Methods can vary depending on your reasons for needing the cleansing and the outcome of the results desired. The methods we use includes Reiki, crystals, candles, sage and essential oils.

The cleansing sessions generally last from one to two hours, depending on the size of the house/business or areas that needs to be treated. Depending on the situation, more than one treatment may be needed, which is left up to the client. We do blessings by inviting in our Guides, Guardians Angels and Ascended Masters to participate in  assisting us during the cleansing.

We usually sweep away the negative energies from the area and then seal the space with beautiful Reiki energy. We light white candles in all areas of the house/business. The candles should be left to burn until they go out by themselves. We close the cleansing with another blessing and by thanking our Guides, Guardians Angels, and Ascended Masters.

For Appointments contact Vash or Paul at:

Cell: 072 101 6099
Cell: 082 618 4792
Office: 011 413 1388