Crystal Bed Healing Sessions

The crystal bed is a type of modern Chrome therapy system from 7 well-polished and illuminated crystals that has a specific vibration. The system is placed above a comfortable bed where one lies with eyes closed, listening to a calm meditation music. The lights are positioned about 18 inches above the body and arrayed from head to the lower body on the energetic centers.

Our chakras absorb and irradiate our vital power and energy to maintain our physical and emotional body in balance. Light and corresponding to the each chakra colour are shining in different sequence to transform and cleanse our energy. The crystals are capable of transforming, modelling and storing the energy.

The therapeutic effects of the crystal healing are results of the vibrations of the crystals that resonate like the water does with our cells and tissues. The sick cells receive this healing vibration and gradually repeating the treatment will recover into healthy cells and organs. The crystal bed session is beneficial for rejuvenating, purifying and recovering the energy of the body. The presence of the Entities during crystal bed session is often manifested. The healing experience of a crystal bed session occurs in every level of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Benefits of a Crystal Bed Treatment

  • Re-balances your vivid energy.
  • Stimulates development of spiritual awareness.
  • Lifts blockages of energetic centers.
  • Cleanse and purifies energetic centers.
  • Influences positive cell-communication.
  • Releases negative emotions and transforms them into positive emotions.
  • Harmonizes your chakras and gives inner peace.
  • Prevents restoring old health conditions or getting new ones.

“For those who believe, no words are necessary.
For those who do not believe, no words are possible.”
– Dom Ignacio de Loyola

Our crystal bed has been blessed by the Entities at the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brazil. We are blessed to have been given permission by the Entities to provide this healing service to you in South Africa. It is a special privilege for us to be able to serve you in this exceptional way, where you can receive the energy generated from this powerful healing tool without having to travel to the “Casa de Dom Ignacio” in Abadiânia, Brazil. We are blessed to have been chosen directly by Entities to provide this service to you in South Africa.


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